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Student Resources

An Image Showing A Plus for a Grade


Students can check their grades using JumpRope.

Grading System:

HP: Highly Proficient

G: Proficient

P: Passing

NY: Not yet 

An Image of a Jumprope Grading App
An Image Showing a Student with a Graduation Cap on

Graduation Requirements

At Crotona, students graduate by earning 44 credits, passing English and Math Regent Exams, and presenting 7 graduation worthy projects: English, Math, Social Studies, Science, CTE, Native Language, and Personal Statement.

In addition to graduation diploma, students also earn CTE endorsed diploma by passing all the CTE classes along with a CTE test. 

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Academic Skills

Crotona emphasizes the development of academic skills, which are reinforced school-wide: analysis, communication, collaboration,  making connections, presentations, research, problem-solving, and creation. 

An Imaging of a Gold Medal
CrotonaIHS Students at the CTE Awards Ceremony

Supplemental Incentives

At Crotona, we value good behaviors and growth. Any student doing well in studies, attendance, and citizenship are acknowledged. We offer gift cards of $25 to $50, as well as trips to Six Flags, Dorney Park, and/or Hershey Park to students doing well and who are making improvements.

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