Student Resources



Students can check their grades using JumpRope.


Enrichment Activities

Crotona offers many enrichment activities, such as dance, music, language, and many others.
Check back here for a link to sign up and a link to the schedule of activities.   


Graduation Requirements

At Crotona, students graduate by earning 44 credits, passing English and Math Regent Exams and presenting 7 graduation worthy projects: English, Math, Social Studies, Science, CTE, Native Language and Personal Statement.

In addition to graduation diploma, students also earn CTE endorsed diploma by passing all the CTE classes along with a CTE test. 


Supplemental Incentives

At Crotona we value good behavior and growth. Any student doing well in studies, attendance, and citizenship is rewarded. We offer gift cards of $25 to $50, as well as trips to Six Flags, Dorney Park, and/or Hershey Park to students doing well and whom are making improvements.


Academic Skills

Crotona emphasizes the development of 10 academic skills, which are reinforced school-wide. 
The skills are: analysis, argumentation/reasoning, collaboration, language use, making connections, organization, precision/validity, presentation, research, technical writing, thesis/claim, and create.